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If you race, you need a ProKit Race Name**

Every Racer has a Nickname or Team Name they want to display.
The Factory Pro look.

Add an image or flag of your choice to a name to finish the job. Shown above with Union Jack.

A standard pack contains 10x Laminated and cut to shape, Super Juicy Stickers.

Designed to fit:

  • Screen side (Motorcycle) "Moto" 20mm high
  • Window edge (Motor sport) "Mota" 40mm high
  • Top tube (Cycle Sport) "Velo" 15mm high.

Width in proportion.

Choose from the standard flags below or add your special image or logo to an email and we'll do the rest, styling the sticker and image into a ProKitâ„¢ sticker pack.

**Remember .. You don't need to be a racer to love a Super Juicy Sticker, they're great for Teams, clubs, business' promotions and events.

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Choose your flag below or request more.